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22 January 2016


Author: Erin | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

Exactly 10 years ago today, LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant made the impossible seem easy.

Kobe Bryant 81 Points

81 points, 28-of-46 shooting (60.9%), 18 of 20 free throws, six rebounds, two assists, three steals, three turnovers and, sure, one blocked shot in 42 minutes.

January 22, 2006 – January 22, 2016


20 January 2016

Be Courageous

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Robert Glasper’s composition, “Be Courageous,” honors 20 years of courage & greatness from Kobe Bryant. To commemorate Black History Month, the song is crafted using a 4/4-6/8 pattern in remembrance of April 4, 1968, the day we lost a historical leader.

From winning the dunk contest as a teenager, to dropping 61 in the Garden, to becoming the NBA’s 3rd all-time scorer — and everything in between. Listen and add comments to this track, marking where you feel Kobe’s most courageous moments inspire the music. Choose from the unforgettable moments below or pick your own.

Iconic alley-oop vs. Blazers
Dropping 62 in 3 quarters vs. Dallas
81 point game vs. Toronto
Shooting free throws with torn Achilles
Winning the dunk contest as a teenager
Scoring 33 points against his idol
Winning his 2007-08 MVP award
NBA record 12 threes in a game
All Star MVP in 2002
Clutch playoff shots vs. Phoenix in 2006
Behind-the-back reverse dunk
Clutch shots for Team USA in 2008
Back to back titles in 2009 and 2010

Be Courageous


16 January 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Author: Erin | Category: Music|News

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Happy Birthday Aaliyah. You will continue to live on through generations!



01 January 2016

Don’t Need It

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Fuck what them say, I don’t need it
Them wanna build you today just to tear you down
I don’t let them preach, and I don’t believe it
See there’s no weight to they words, they can’t wear me down
I don’t need it!

I woke up satisfied
I’ll never let your negativity kill my vibe
I know everybody’s dreams don’t survive
That’s the difference between me and them in this life
Everybody talk a lot
I remember not to follow what they talk about
I know I’m the illest out, sheep gon’ be sheep
So I know you’ll come around in time
They always do, they don’t ever let you down
Talking about everything you need except the crown
Your gift and your passion to them don’t ever count
‘Til your name and life and money overflowing in accounts
All you bitches look like clowns

“Yo, let me apologize for the other types that made you feel like you could ever steal my light
Joy always come in the morning no matter what the night do
Might not be today, but one day they gon’ understand you”
I don’t need that drama, I don’t need to give you light
I was taught: don’t give energy to those you don’t like
I don’t need to go major, made it this far without paper
I don’t need that cover either, I don’t need none of your favors
Told my mama “We gon’ make it”, I don’t need your funds
I don’t need to get naked, I just need to have some fun
I don’t need your emo beats, all I want is soul and funk
I don’t need your validation, hell, I already done won

It’s here in your own star
Once you wake up and realize who you are
‘Til we know, we don’t need it
I don’t need it

My confidence out the roof
Aquarius in me told me opinions ain’t truth
This amusement wasn’t amusement for you
When it’s showtime I’m on like Kobe Bryant in his youth
I’m Birdman, I’m Birdman, I’m Birdman
My play is not to make you opinions my burden
Whoo! Uh, Damn, Michael Keaton
Shoot the nose to spite the face, I ain’t even
Mama say there’s more success in succeeding
My complexion in the black this evening
That’s the prop that I’m teaching business
Santa Clause to Jehova’s Witness
Ain’t believe, now they want forgiveness.


31 December 2015

Pray For Me

Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

This is me, this is you
This is us, this is Proof
This is you, this is me
This is us, this is Proof
I don’t need forgiveness
I don’t need no religion
I ain’t living my life behind bars or sign Prison
Ain’t no job for me
Damn if God only put some love in my house insteada leavin’ mah heart lonely
Trapped inside poverty
Strapped up so properly
Actin’ outta hunger
Now I’m wrapped up in robberies
My yearn is to brawl
Got me learnin’ the law
Came to school
But a fool
I ain’t turning my jaw (shhh-it)
Hit me? I’m hitting back
Damn sho I’m getting back
Tough behind the streets
Never eat where you shittin’ at
Life as a diplomat
True family and friends
Sittin’ back confused, insanity begins
As we travel to the end
And battle not the sick (whut)
Being broke, Harry had his Gat up to his skin
Used to live to fight
Now I’m fightin’ to live
Please believe my own needs
Feed mah wife and mah kids

It’s my life
-We do what we gotta do
Can only do me
-That’s all I know how to do
I gotta get away
-To swallow this Malibu
So pray for me
-‘Cos my life ain’t valuable
It’s my life
-We do what we gotta do
Can only do me
-That’s all I know how to do
I gotta get away
-To swallow this Malibu
Straight from the bottle
-Do, shit, I do what I gotta do.

RIP Proof


31 December 2015

Kobe Bryant’s Best Moments In Boston

Author: Emily | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

Kobe Bryant has added his name to this list of legends from the historic Lakers/Celtics rivalry. We look back at his best moments from his time in Boston!


31 December 2015

Hold On

Author: Irene | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

I motivate to put my niggas into motors
No woman, no child, no witness, no Jehovahs
Like Scarface but it’s God’s face in that mirror
We was made in his image, dialing and it’s much clearer
Scoring from the heights but I wanted mine purer
Aryan, blonde hair, blue-eyed like the Führer
The judge and the jury, the jewellery mad froze
Water colors on my neck, fuck rhyming when you blinding niggas
We ain’t the same color clarity of diamond, nigga
Nah, I ain’t got nothing in common with yous
Pain in my heart, it’s as black as my skin
They tipping the scale for these crackers to win
No reading, no writing, made us savage of men
They praying for jail but I mastered the pen
Descended from kings, we at it again
Just hand me the crown, I’m active again
Everything that it seems, hear my passion again..

God body and mind, food for the soul
When you feeding on hate, you empty, my nigga, it shows
Follow the codes, ain’t no love for these hoes
If you slip and you fall I got you my nigga, hold on
If you right or you wrong, if you riding come on
By the end of this song, can’t be hiding for long
I seen children get slaughtered, niggas’ grandmothers assaulted
Throw a gang sign, dare you do something about it
Fuck copping them foams, when you copping the home
Cop a kilo and have them people on top of your home..

Follow the codes, ain’t no love for these hoes
If you slipping you fall, I got you, my nigga, hold on
If you right or you wrong, if you riding come on
By the end of this song, I got you, my nigga, hold on.


31 December 2015

Michael Jordan Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Author: Emily | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

Before the Lakers game in Charlotte Monday night Michael Jordan pays tribute to Kobe Bryant.


27 December 2015


Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Hanging on for dear life
For the love of the money
Hanging on for dear life
Don’t that shit sound funny?
Hanging on for dear life
For the love of the gold
Hanging on for dear life
Don’t that shit feel cold?

Shorty told me that she do not do the fakes
Same bitch got weave
My nigga mow the lawn it’s too many snakes
That’s the same shit that got Eve
What? You ain’t never seen a nigga on a horse?
You ain’t seen Chief Keef’s new Porsche?
Naw, you ain’t seen shit yet, better not forget that spit it like I chain smoke Newports
All the little niggas got guns now
And they carry them to the fucking beat
All these little girls give it up now
Shame, I could see the cherry stems in the fucking street
Niggas aim too high to leave the lows
Niggas hang too high to see the lows
Niggas ain’t– niggas ain’t really listening let me break it down for you
Just before you forgot about him, overlooked or started doubting
I doused it with the flow and started talking all this water shit
It’s like I started drowning
In truth, the thought is pounding
I started counting the loopholes in they stories that they tell us
Every evening at like 10 when Judy Hsu is on yo TV tellin’
Songs in the key of life, you was on yo Stevie
I pray it’s never too preachy but I’m preaching
Losing hella blood these fuck niggas leeching
Why you reaching? I’m like 6’5″
Stop it
We are not on the same plateau
Chateau de Chenonceau
You just throwing shade in my shadow
Ginger ale in my Chalice I never been champagne shallow
I’d never run from a battle I’d rather hang from the gallows
For I let a stray bullet catch a nigga on the 9
Trey 8 pulling 0-9; Kwame Brown; if a nigga act foul then we put em on the line
It’s a shame that’s the game on these young niggas minds like.

I’ma get all this money
I’ma buy all this shit
I’ma fuck so many hoes
Nigga, I’ma fuck yo bitch
I’m just with my niggas
I’ma get all this money
I’ma buy all this shit
I’ma fuck so many hoes
Nigga, I’ma fuck yo bitch
I’m just wit my niggas hanging
I’m just with my niggas hanging


25 December 2015

Kobe Bryant’s ULTIMATE Christmas Day Mixtape

Author: Emily | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

Kobe Bryant Christmas Day All-Access Look Back

Look back at an all-access look of Kobe Bryant on Christmas Day throughout his career!


  • Gamze: such an inspiration
  • Nutragente: Thanks for finally talking about >Nike KobeSystem – Level 5 Domination - Serkan Çetinel <Loved it!
  • King Push: Hail maryyy!
  • Nicky: Happy Birthday Legend!
  • javal: Great commercial, thanks.

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