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25 Ağustos 2014

RIP Aaliyah

Author: Erin | Category: Chillin|Music

Forever in my heart. Rest in paradise Aaliyah.
I miss u Baby Girl..


14 Temmuz 2014

No Way As The Way

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

My way might not be your way
But it’s okay
It’s alright, your way might not be my way
But it’s okay
It’s alright…

I build with the 5 percenters
On the God within us, there’s no limits
Study the Metu Neter from Kemet
Also I remembered
Smoke herb with the Rastafarians
Grew my locks became a vegetarian
Following the tao, filling what the bible lacks
Jewels being handed to a innocent child
My mind is a Buddhist temple, the truth is simple
I try to be principle
Walking with a warrior spirit
It ain’t nothing like learning from first hand life experience
I’m a realist, that’s all I deal with
Respect & truth, that’s all I build with
A child of the universe
My religion is life and it’s just as valid
I strive for balance

I gotta admit, I don’t know
In the end which way it’s gonna go
Why we sit by the project window?
Instead of living off the land with my kin folk
Is there even a master plan?
An unseen hand? Is God a man?
Some say that’s sacrilegious
Same folks selling us lies about Christmas
Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny
Just so the capitalists can make money
They say God will take care of it
But you a terrorist if you say the same thing in Arabic

It’s so hypocritical
It’s a miracle, listen to the message and the spirituals
Wade in the water, I’m following Mr. Tubman
And Nat Turner, I’m paying for my freedom
And heading for the border…

Dead Prez


13 Temmuz 2014

All He Does Is Lin

Author: Emily | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

Welcome 2 L.A.

Jeremy Lin


12 Temmuz 2014

I Never Left

Author: Emily | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

Kobe Bryant - I Never Left

Kobe Never Left…

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07 Temmuz 2014

Hail Mary

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Makaveli in this, Killuminati all through your body
Blows like a 12-gauge shotty, feel me
And God said he should send his one begotten son
To lead the wild into the ways of the man
Follow me! Eat my flesh, flesh of my flesh

Come with me
Hail Mary nigga, run quick see
What do we have here now
Do you wanna ride or die?

I ain’t a killer, but don’t push me
Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy
Picture paragraphs unloaded, wise words being quoted
Peeped the weakness in the rap game and sewed it
Bow down, pray to God, hoping that he’s listening
Seeing niggas coming for me, through my diamonds, when they glistening
Now pay attention: bless me please Father, I’m a ghost
In these killing fields, Hail Mary, catch me if I go
Let’s go deep inside the solitary mind of a madman
Screams, in the dark, evil lurks
Enemies, see me flee
Activate my hate, let it break to the flame
Set trip, empty out my clip; never stop to aim
Some say the game is all corrupt and fucked in this shit
Stuck, niggas is lucky if we bust out this shit, plus
Mama told me never stop until I bust a nut
Fuck the world if they can’t adjust, it’s just as well, Hail Mary

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04 Temmuz 2014

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos


Be a better man in a world of negligence
Pedophilic meddling, son don’t trust your reverend
When they settling for settlements
Lock your doors, shut your windows, don’t let the devil in
The media graffiti us with relishments
Money, cars, and clothes I suppose what successful is
They say sow you’re oats, it’s natural to experiment
But don’t get sucked and fuck and run amok – be celibate
Only 14 when I first cut
I wasn’t her first, I had to strap up
And thank God for them condoms that my papa gave me
Cause a convo ’bout birds and bees wouldn’t save me
From a child I couldn’t shoulder, pushin’ in a stroller
Down the streets of 3OB while all my homies asked to hold ‘em
Proceed to play ball, when he cried I can’t console him
I truly wasn’t ready for kids, that’s what he told me


Never in a sense of money spent
Christmas trees are beautiful without presents up under them
Lead by example, don’t get caught up in the rapture
Life is just a raffle, mostly pain, but some laughter
The older that you get, it’s even harder to believe
No superheroes on TV you used to see
Remember that I told you slow down, control your speed
The more you walk with God, the harder it is to scrape your knee
I remember when I fell from my first bike
There were no “are you okays” and rarely “are you alrights”
Just dirt in my pockets, handful of gravel
That’s when I realized that getting up is only half the battle
The fear of falling off will haunt me well into my teens
The moment that the world took a shit upon my dreams
Cause money is the root, and love is all we had
In fact, I’m glad, I had a rich dad, poor dad

I had a rich dad, poor dad
I had a rich dad, poor dad…


16 Haziran 2014

Happy Birthday 2pac

Author: Erin | Category: Music|News

June 16. 1971

Happy 43nd B’day MAKAVELI!! We miss you and love u…

Happy Birthday 2pac

The Poet, The Revolutionary, The Icon, The Greatest.

#Makaveli is Alive


19 Mayıs 2014

Parce que la vie est en nous

Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Comprends entre les lignes
Enfant du quinto sol
Le soleil est en toi
Fait briller ta lumière intérieure
Pour éclairer le chaos de leur monde
On est pas là  par hasard
Les pléiades nous désignent
Lève ta tête, comprends entre les lignes (la vie est grande)
écoute ton cœur
Car la vérité est nous
Car la solution est en nous
Parce que la vie est en nous…

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12 Mayıs 2014

Stay With Me

Author: Erin | Category: Music|Videos

Deuce Deuce, Young Noble, EDIDON
Stay With Me

“Young Noble & Deuce Deuce – Fast Life Album Out Now On Itunes.”

Outlaw 4 life..



12 Mayıs 2014

Happier Than Dikembe Mutombo Blocking a Shot

Author: Erin | Category: NBA|Sport|Tv|Videos

GEICO Dikembe Mutombo Commercial

No No No Not In My House!


Dikembe Mutombo – The Nenê Song (Dikembe Mutombo on Roy Hibbert)



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