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25 December 2015

Kobe Bryant’s ULTIMATE Christmas Day Mixtape

Author: Emily | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

Kobe Bryant Christmas Day All-Access Look Back

Look back at an all-access look of Kobe Bryant on Christmas Day throughout his career!


19 December 2015


Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Blade on my waist
Blunt to the face and I’m up in this thang
Drugs in my veins, your bitch is so lame
Remember her throat, don’t remember her name
Creep in the night, hear my knife from the flip
Taking your life then I’m taking your bitch
Feedin’ her drugs, and watchin’ her die
Kiss on her lips then I’m shuttin’ her eyes
If she with Bones, she ain’t leaving alive
Truthfully die, she was living a lie
Hated her folks, love of the drugs
Hated true love, she just loves to fuck
Love just to gut, love just to roll
Hated just to talk so she always moans
Ridin’ all alone, and I wish that I was home
Wishin’ that I didn’t go down this road
The day that I die, hope my mama don’t cry
Hope she realized it was just my time
Nobody ever ready to bury their own child
But I’m dead already so I’m good for awhile

Young white punk, dead girls rollin’ blunts
Blood on the Backwood, roll ’till she numb
Cuts on her wrists, teardrops on her face
So I flip my switchblade just to let her know she’s safe
She just want Bones, I wanna be alone
I don’t need friends, I don’t need no home
I don’t want money, I don’t need a fuckin’ car

Rather sleep in the alley, rather live with the bums
Young fucking SCUMBAG, I don’t know how
Bitches like me, but fuck it, it’s alright
They hate how I rhyme, see how I act
They see my shows just to hear me rap
Baby I could save you, come with me now
Take her to the grave then I put her in the ground
Hands on her neck, now she’s saying “Take my life”
Who am I to deny such a beautiful sight.

$E$H. Don’t let me in.


19 December 2015


Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Yeah, Allah the merciful, the beneficent
Curse over blessing, pray it be heaven sent
Forgive me, my dirty deeds was desperate
Fuck the government, I got my own deficit
Death to me the only thing that’s definite
Money rule the world, but when you dead that shit’s irrelevant
Fingers numb from coka selling, no vote, but out for presidents
Granny found my dope, I told her I would stop for selling it
Nigga please — she knew I was lying before I even spoke it
Empty promises left them all broken..

Pray my demons never catch up from my old ways
Keep the heat cause I was going through a cold phase.

If money was the root to what the evil is
Is it mandatory for me to live?
I hustle harder than the next dude
Remember, everybody is out to get you
Niggas don’t respect to live and let live
So I pack a .40 caliber cause that’s how shit is
Out here, no fear, fuck feelings
Trigger man rule, that’s the art of drug dealing
I’m trying to stack my money to the ceiling
No new friends, don’t wanna talk about old business
Sex on the beach, sipping Guinness
With a bitch so thick she can’t take no dick
Imagine working grave-yard shifts
Bossman steady talking that shit
A million a day is for minimum wage
Work a nigga like a slave ’til he put him in his grave
Fred, I’m on the same page


19 December 2015

Hedo Turkoglu: Top 10 Orlando Magic Plays

Author: Irene | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

Check out the 10 best plays from Hedo Turkoglu during his time with the Orlando Magic.


18 December 2015

Why We Thugs

Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Every hood’s the same
Come on

They give us guns and drugs
Then wonder why in the fuck we thugs
They wanna count the slugs
Then come around here and fuck with us (Uh huh)
They give us guns and drugs
Then wonder why in the fuck we thugs
They wanna count the slugs
Then come around here and fuck with us

I’m from the land of the gang bang
Since I was little, ain’t a god damn thang changed
It’s the same ol same
Bush run shit like Sadaam Hussien
I cock and aim, clinically insane
To deal with this bullshit day to day
If I sell some yay or smoke some hay
You bitches wanna throw me up in Pelican’s Bay
Call me an animal up in the system
But who’s the animal that built this prison
Who’s the animal that invented lower living
The projects, thank god for Russell Simmons
Thank god for Sugarhill
I’m putting a different kind of steel up to my grill
Y’all know what it is, scared for your own kids
How these ghetto niggas taken over showbiz

It’s Boyz in the Hood, it’s toys in the hood
Y’all wanna know why there’s noise in the hood
Cause there’s drugs in the hood, thugs in the hood
Nigga killed a Crip and a Blood in the hood (For real)
Cause when niggas get tribal
It’s all about survival, nobody liable
I got caught by Five-0
Grandmama came to court with her bible
But when the judge hit the gavel
Now I’m too far from my family to travel
I just came unraveled
Socked the D.A. before I got gaffled
Owned by C.A, State Property
Just like the year fifteen fifty three
Looking for me, a one-way ticket out
Don’t understand, what’s so hard to figure out?

(Damn) I can’t take the pressure
Pulled the fo-fo up out the dresser
Grabbed the weight up out the closet
Po-po coming but I’m scared to toss it
Y’all know what happened last time I lost it
Can’t tell you niggas what the fuckin boss did
D game got a nigga exhausted
Gotta go for the plea bargain they offered
Twenty years for what?
Breaking these laws that’s so corrupt
Taking these halls and fillin ’em up
Some powder cake shit that’s about to erupt
Ay y’all, I’m about to be stuck
Until the year two thousand, what the fuck?
In the hood, don’t press your luck
Cause these motherfuckers will set you up, word up


18 December 2015

Kobe Bryant Jams on Clint Capela!

Author: Irene | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

Kobe Bean goes vintage Black Mamba with this ridiculous posterization of Clint Capela.



17 December 2015

It’s My Turn Now

Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

I know this just leaves you confused
Cause there’s forces that’s unseen
Okay, the least you could do
Take some time and check on me

Tell the preacher before he judge
Okay y’all, just say a prayer
Write it on a paper plane
Do me a favor, throw it in the air

You keep saying, “Quit the game”
Don’t you know we play to win?

It’s my turn now, it’s my turn now
This might burn now, it’s my world now
It’s my turn now, it’s my turn now
This might burn now, it’s my world now
It’s my turn now..


17 December 2015

Ready For War

Author: Irene | Category: Music|Videos

If You Want Peace… Prepare For War.


07 December 2015

Dear Kobe

Author: Erin | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

Dear Kobe,

You’ll always be that kid from Philly

Raised with the same sets or pride felt within us all

When you moved away, you took a piece of Philly with you

Tenacity, passion, grit, the desire to be a champion

For nearly two decades, you transformed the game

You caused us heartbreak

You reveled in the role of our villain

Now here we are as you embrace our city, your roots, one last time

You’ll always be that kid from Philly

And we knew you before the world did

Much respect,



06 December 2015

When I Die

Author: Irene | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

When I die, will you take me way up to the sky?
When I die, will you take me down where the devil lies?
When I die, will you take me up where the angels fly?
When I die, or will you meet me with a halo of flies?

You motherfuckers will respect me and stop shitting where you eat
I play nice unless you wanna take me to the street
I’m a simple dude and I speak in layman’s terms
So you dumb motherfuckers can understand the words
My whole demeanor is to pull out the nina nine milli
Act silly and crack domes like Phillies
I stay in the streets, born in the gutter
I come from nothing, looking for something motherfucker
I spit hard, it resembles my life
It reminds me of how I left my kids and my ex-wife
While I was roaming the streets holding the heat
With no sleep, no cheese, know what I need
Probably God so I went and saw my priest
He told me to come back and died the next week
Please Lord help me to reap what I sow
Just give me the word, God cause I’m ready to go..

My whole life has been non fiction and I live in a house of pain
Stuck in a cage, you’re not listening
When will I ever achieve the goals set by those
That expect to live off of my flows?

Dear Lord, I can’t explain all the things that I do
Just know that every single word in this song is true
It’s about time I step up and be a fucking man
I got lost along the way and didn’t follow the plan
Please take me as I am, I stood on my own two
And thank you for my girl, God, I know that I owe you
I been trained to murder people, kill at will
I’ve sinned, mortared soldiers in a Vietnam villa
But still you hold me close, right by your heart
And I pray that you remember me when Armageddon starts.


  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..
  • Gamze: such an inspiration
  • Nutragente: Thanks for finally talking about >Nike KobeSystem – Level 5 Domination - Serkan Çetinel <Loved it!
  • King Push: Hail maryyy!
  • Nicky: Happy Birthday Legend!

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