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Me Against The World

14 November 2016

Concealed The Outro

Author: Irene | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

My father used to tell me I was nothing more than worthless
A stupid motherfucker that would live without a purpose
Put my thoughts upon a page so I could try and prove him wrong
And every time I write a song I reminisce about the pain that I’m repressing in my brain so I don’t ever feel alone
And I’ve been living with depression so I wonder how this shit really begins
I’m comfortable with the thoughts of vision and now it is

I’ve been working on this record for a minute
Still I feel like nothing that I do is good enough
My insecurities are creeping in so they would seep in to the music
Ain’t it funny when other people see your pain as amusing?
Abusing many a pill and numbing the way I feel ’til the point of my reality’s the furthest thing from real
The only thing I ever needed was a little piece of love and I couldn’t find that in people so I would seek it in drugs
And I wanted to be the greatest instead I’m facing the truth
But the fact of the matter is that I’m losing it what’s the use
And I know I’m sounding repetitive like I lost it for living
I pray that I be forgiven they say it’s just in the picture
For sinners to get the cinnamon a critical acclaim to explaining it wasn’t evident
A premonition of my early death I’ll make it prevalent malevolent confessing
And if I was dying tonight I can’t sell my soul to be relevant
Gallivanting around like ‘Fuck I’m finally free
I’m ignoring all of my problems
I said I’d bury them deep ‘
But I’m actually terrified and my paranoia was verified cause I just realized I don’t wanna make it to twenty-five
A suicidal psychopath, a schizophrenic kinda guy that’s looking for your remedy hoping that you’ll remember me

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08 November 2016


Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

I need you
I want you, come on fuck me, babe
I need you
I want you..

The weather cold
The weather so
Chill, Chilly Willy penguin feather roll
Cause I’m sipping Pro’
Yeah that ‘meth is pro’
Promethazine, yeah a stepping stone
Oh they acting up? Get your weapon drawn
They only killing time, another second gone
I heard your man ain’t home
Now you melatone
But you acting young
And you hella grown

I need you
(I’m gonna wait for another moment to come)
I want you
(And I swear to God, you should miss me when I’m gone)
I need you
(I’m a lovesick fuck, for this white Patrón)

Okay she giving me love
But it fuck my energy up
Every time it finna be summer, only got the memories of us
And now we industry lovers
They making enemies of us
I mean sometimes we in public they drain this energy from us
Visit Italia, be my señorita
La vida or I vida either way you need a visa
I ain’t talking bout MasterCards, debit cards either
Credit charge, Kermit the Frog, margaritas
Yeah, I heard she got a man, homie
Yeah, he wanna lay the hands on me
Yeah, but he should see the way she dance on me
Yeah, wishing I ain’t had no pants on me

I need you
I’m a lovesick fuck
I want you
I’m a lovesick fuck.


04 November 2016

Children of the World

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Yeah, cause we just (children of the world)
And they wonder why we bang
Cause police do the same, that’s the only rival gang
I’m just sitting here, praying to my father
Tired of today, forever scared of tomorrow
Where’s a scale I could borrow?
Cause living ain’t cheap
I dropped out of school, pops, cause college ain’t free
Plus college ain’t me
Sitting in the class
Questions rushing in my brain but I’m too proud to ask
Take it all in stride, teacher talking physics
And I just want to be fly
What good is a degree when there’s no jobs to apply?
And fast food won’t do cause you overqualified
I’m feeling like hustling
Tired of the foodstamps and budgeting
Running in so much work, we school-bus it in
God and our wrist the only things we be trusting in
All else fails, I’m in a casket like fuck it then
Either get rich or die poor
Nigga fell short and got jammed, but he tried though
I’m pretty sure my first words were “survival”
Looking for the answers to my problems in the Bible
Cause we just (children of the world)
Try and decode all the secrets
My conversations with God always seem leave him speechless
And even when I was at my worst like “we got to make this work”
My girl found time to leave me
Too broke to give a fuck, though
My past relationships got me like “What up, ho?”
I’m just bitter, I ain’t asking what you fuck for
Thats disrespectful, I admit
I was just saying, if you wonder why I call you “bitch”
Cause we just (children of the world)
Guess I look up to the pimps
I ain’t saying it wasn’t wrong, but they had the freshest fits
The cars and the broads and the kicks
Is something to strive for when you ain’t never had shit
I’m feeling like what the fuck

They want my soul like my ancestors’ ain’t enough
If I can’t trust my own government, who can I trust?
If I abuse myself daily, who can I love?
Shorty might have AIDS like who can I fuck?
Sure enough that’ll be the day that the rubber bust or I have a kid
Deprived of all the things that my father did
Cause the momma was a groupie and I was on some rapper shit
They gave me Hell like I asked for it
Signing everything under the sun but they ain’t after K.R.I.T
I guess I didn’t swag enough
Stupid fruity pebble chain, Louis bag enough
Popping tags, model bitches, couldn’t brag enough
Bubba Kushy stupid loud pack, jet lag enough
Steady acting like I ain’t had enough
Ten chains on your neck like you ain’t flash enough
I wreck so many times, I guess I ain’t crash enough
On the track like a pusher of crack, bag it up
I tell these niggas to back it up
My bitch like scarves, gave the Louis rag to her
‘Sace shades on my eyes like I ain’t seeing the hate
Too fresh to death, I couldn’t attend the wake
That’s too lyrical, he been round busting
Mississippi where? He don’t sound Southern
He be down cousin it’s since ’05, I swear
The game’s a pound of Reggie
So anything I sell’s a breath of fresh air
Yeah, fuck with me.


31 October 2016


Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Sunrise the grind starts to make bank
Sun sets to drive home on an empty tank
The in between just gets lost in puffing dank
Jean-Michel Basquiat but I don’t touch the paint
22 years here in the shell now
(Time is right, yeah I’m breaking out the cell now)
And I’ll admit that I crack the whip
But I ain’t even made half the shit
I just sit back, get high, laugh and trip
The baddest bitch, keeps staring me right in my eyes
And I’m telling her I don’t have the time
She thinks that I’m lying, cause she never met one of my kind
Never been so real on my life, all I do is the mic
Singing like the siren on an island
The brook calling me to write it, the face callin’ me inside it

My whole story is a song now
All the worry that would bog me down
Turned to courage like a godly crown
Now I journey for the godly sound
It’s beyond all the law you found (nigga)

The hole in my soul, void in my mind
Drums gon’ feel all my cries
The hole in my soul, void in my mind
Drums gon’ feel all my cries

There’s no holes left for me to hide in
A lion in sight with a hunger for Zion
I wonder at times what’s behind all the science
Hear the words chase for a taste of silence
Pace through the wasteland, blaze 28 grams
Wait for the fate to awaken up a caged man

I was born by the beach in Southern California
Grew up in LA under the same sun Icarus was born from
An angel built the city up on one lung, burned wings, no teeth
Half a heart, one beat, but two feet
Sea-walking like Jesus over Galilee
Seen, the blood loves the bone
You will cry when they leave the soul
Today we are the trees to grow
Tomorrow we are weeds to pull
Write the story, I can see it all
With my name painted on the wall
An urban crow follows on my call
And on a wire, but I just don’t fall


26 October 2016

Save Me

Author: Irene | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

I’m on my knees beggin please come and SAVE ME
THE WHOLE WORLD done made a nigga crazy!
Thug Life Motherfucker!

Ain’t no escape from a deadly fate
And everyday there’s a million black bodies put away
I’m startin’ to lose hope
It seems everybody’s on dope
Mama told me to leave ’cause she was broke
Sometimes I choke on the indo
Creepin’ out the window alone on my own
I’m a criminal
Got no love from the household
I’m out cold in the streets give me motherfucking peace
I got nothing to lose and something to prove
What do I do livin Thug Life nigga stay true
I wonder when they kill me is there a Heaven for a real G
Lord forgive me if you feel me
‘Cause all my life I was dirt broke
With no hope little skinny motherfucker wantin’ dough
I hated cutting suckers with my razor blade
But everyday it’s a struggle to get major paid..

I thank the Lord for my many blessings
Though I’m stressing keep a vest for protection
From the barrel of a Smith & Wesson
And all my niggas in the pen, here we go again
Ain’t nothing separating us from a MAC-10
Born in the ghetto as a hustler, older
Straight soldier, bucking at them bustas
No matter how you try, niggas never die
We just retaliate with hate, then we multiply
See me striking down the block hitting corners
Mobbing like a motherfucker, living like I wanna
Ain’t no stopping at the red lights, I’m sideways
THUG LIFE, motherfucker, crime pays
Let the cops put they lights on, chase me, nigga
Zig-zagging through the freeway, race me, nigga
In a high speed chase with the law
The realest motherfucker that you ever saw
I’m living raw..


17 October 2016


Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

J’m’en vais là-haut sur la butte, pour regarder la ville
Une gargouille de plus, les rues sont folles on dirait des rapides
Pour tous les frères du-per, pas la pour faire du zèle
À tous ceux qu’abusent j’monte sur la butte pour m’approcher du ciel

Ça s’bute pour un centime
D’vant des bourges insensibles
Du meurtre aux embrouilles infantiles
Ça s’vide quand vient l’été
Ça pète les ‘teilles et les bouches d’incendie
Les bambins grandissent, bientôt ils s’disent grands bandits
Brigands, ils brandissent les armes mais il s’feront vite prendre
Depuis le 11 septembre, ils font que des bat’ couleur gratte-ciel
Quant au marché t’y trouves du seum entre les prunes et les pastèques
J’me suis jamais rendu, j’résiste à ce monde en flux tendu
18ème merveille du monde, ne cherchez plus les jardins suspendus
C’est pas du street-art, ma seule galerie sur le toit d’une voiture
Sur une toiture j’ai la trentaine mais toujours une voix crue
Gaffe où tu mets les pieds, les keufs ils doivent t’épier
Tu t’fais drive-by parce que t’habites de l’autre côté de la voie ferrée
Mate les gueules ça m’écœure, esquinté, éreintée
J’roulais un ter j’voulais un thème mais j’ai qu’la vue du Sacré-Cœur
Ça dégueule, ça roupille, pas d’looping la routine
J’arrive tout de suite, pour l’instant je dors à 3 stations de la où je vis

En cas de pépin tu me couvres
Mais qui sera là ? J’ai quelques doutes
J’reviens à l’heure à laquelle l’inspecteur se couche
Grosse secousse si t’es nerveux tu vas connaître le binz
Un caillou fera l’affaire pas besoin de la castafiore
Pour que les fenêtres se brisent
Été 2015, sur la butte c’est mieux qu’Ibiza
Cocktail bizarre, on mélange la vodka et le bissap
Ici les gens se fascinent pour les écrans tactiles
Les antalgiques des grands trafics
Confonds pas l’argent sale avec l’argent facile
Vie monotone, j’suis près du four appelle-moi Domovoï
Pourquoi nos mômes volent, passent de l’école au squeezer Molotow
On est filmé comme Truman, les rues ressemblent à des couloirs
Des couches tards sous puche-ca, DAVAJ DAVAJ KURWA !
J’reste fidèle au rap parce qu’il reste là même quand j’ai pas la foi
Le soir j’me pète la voix sur des ceaux-mor qu’on est dix à avoir
Même absent j’suis dans ton bat’
Victorieux sans combattre
Il faut que je bombarde, j’ai mis mon blaze sur tous les bancs de Montmartre

Tous fêlés, odeur d’joint sur le CV
Dents serrées, sur la paume de la main c’est pas du henné
Ma cons’ est mal cachée quand j’ai la braguette ouverte
Pour pas rayer ta table j’ai mis ma plaquette sous le verre
Ils mettent un nouveau terminus, mais nous on rentre les mêmes délires
Maquille la rame en sept minutes on a pas besoin de la MD 10
Usine à crack, sur l’Île-de-France c’est Alcatraz
Vie étriquée, tout est truqué, tu peux même perdre si t’as 4 as
J’m’en vais la haut sur la butte pour regarder Paris
Paradis des celards-vi tu vois du vice des parvis au parking
Y’a que de l’asphalte c’est malsain, même sans un tas de gros mots
Fraudeurs de la NASA : un clandestin en combi’ d’astronautes


15 October 2016

Moment 4 Life

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

If I could take the time back, I would rewind back
The day my cousin asked my gran where his mom at
I want my aunt back and my dad too
They killed Shawty and Diddy that was sad too
I cut a couple homies off, shit I had to
Changed on me for the money, look what cash do
Thinking I’m rich, counting my money
Worrying bout mine, they should be counting it for me
I’m just adding up this paper subtracting my homies
Shawty be screaming how she love me, while bouncing it on me
She really don’t like me, she just attracted to money
She chasing the benjys, so that don’t offend me
Im just loading up my Glock, hoping that it defend me
When them haters try to kill me I’m clapping the semi
She giving me head, I’m grabbing her Remy
I just wanna B, like the back of the Bentley
Niggas say I’m Hollywood when I’m Hollyhood
Put my life on the line for them, shit I probably would
Switch that to probably woulda, They wit me probably coulda
Put’em on probably shoulda, but ain’t nobody realer
Niggas is so fake, I did my ID check
Kept It A Hunnit Wit Me ?, ain’t met nobody yet
I treat them like the beat, cuz ima body that

Moving throughout these streets, that’s where you find me at
I ain’t gonna lie —– saved my life
But you ain’t gon be running round, like you made my life
I ain’t met a bitch yet, I would’ve made my wife
And I ain’t met a nigga yet I would’ve made my right
Hand, damn, never take a stand
Never tell them boys information on your fam
Never tell them niggas information where you stayin
Cuz they change like the weather, when you wake they’re where you land
With that hammer in your face, askin for the cake
Ever seen one of your dogs transform into a snake
Ever seen one of them snakes transform into a rat
I be running through the jungle I could tell you bout that
I could tell you bout the drought, when the work got snapped
Whole hood started robbing, everybody got strapped
Whole team just was broke, everybody got back
I was selling Sour Diesel, everybody got crack
It’s obvious I’m hot, it’s obvious you cold
Presidential on my wrist, and it’s obvious its gold
Whole hood got your statements it’s obvious you told
Like a Lil Wayne album it’s obvious you sold
I’m on some shit, running neck and neck with Vick
Trying to bring my city back, take us to where we never been
I’m just in the studio working like a Mexican
And they tell me I’m a rookie doing it like a veteran
Yea, big dreams small city
Trying to come up on me, but would you fall with me?
Would you clutch that hammer and bust it off with me?
Hundred miles an hour running from the law with me?
I ain’t think so, I just blink slow
Million ways to get this money but we think snow
Every time I see a chick I just think ho
And every time I meet a nigga I just think Po’
Alpo ass niggas!
Moment for life, for life
I’mma keep it real for life
And I’mma keep getting money, fuckin’ bitches for life, for life, for life
Yeah, yeah!


15 October 2016


Author: Emily | Category: Chillin


“You all laugh because i’m different. I laugh because you are all the same.”


15 October 2016

The Hall of Mirrors

Author: Irene | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

The young man stepped into the hall of mirrors
Where he discovered a reflection of himself
Even the greatest stars discover themselves in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars discover themselves in the looking glass

Sometimes he saw his real face
And sometimes a stranger at his place
Even the greatest stars find their face in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars find their face in the looking glass

He fell in love with the image of himself
And suddenly the picture was distorted
Even the greatest stars dislike themselves in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars dislike themselves in the looking glass

He made up the person he wanted to be
And changed into a new personality
Even the greatest stars change themselves in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars change themselves in the looking glass

The artist is living in the mirror
With the echoes of himself
Even the greatest stars live their lives in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars live their lives in the looking glass

Even the greatest stars fix their face in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars fix their face in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars live their lives in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars live their lives in the looking glass


14 October 2016

Huey Knew

Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Check it out, hey
This is a story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And if you roll another blunt and keep your mouth shut
I’ll tell you how I became the wicked nigga they call Young Mind Fuck
Black out, black out
(Youngin’ from Del Amo)
Black out, black out
(Belt by Ferrigamo)
Black out, black out, black out, yeah
Ay, man (black out)

They speak highly of me when I raise my voice
I gotta shoot a fucking free throw to make my point
My wittiness leave ’em stuck in the wilderness
You need a backwood to roll to this joint
I’m Robin Hood in Robin jeans, you follow me?
Never mind I’m tired of tight analogies
Still in pursuit of happiness in the midst of the madness
With middle fingers to bitches with badges that go oink
(Yeah! Yeah!)
I’m on the fence with common sense
My logic is sound, Spock of the 90746
No shit, Sherlock
Remind ’em of Han Solo on the battlefront
Everybody behind Soulo and they backin’ up
I just threw my two-step, let her back it up
Go on back it up, go on back it up…
You dry snitchin’, I’m sliding in something moist
You annoy these women, I anoint these women
You stressin’ em, I schedule an appointment with ’em
They let me cut so much, I bring ointment nigga
I’m lubricant slick baby
I’m hornier than the brass section of the band, you understand?
Pick your poison, it’s your choice

Hey, I’m just a youngin from Del Amo
(Lil homie from the hood)
Yeah, with a belt by Ferragamo
(Yeah bitch I look good)
Hey, just doing want I wanna
This ain’t marijuana, please don’t tell my mama

I’ma black out, black out, black out, black out
You telling white lies while I black out
Black out, black out, black out, black out
Pale white horse when I black out
Black out, black out, black out, black out
Spark the white lighter then I black out
Even white lives matter when I black out
Bucket of black paint in-front the white house nigga

(Yeah! Yeah!)
I hope I’m in Obama’s iPod
Yeah, ‘fore I had a desktop
Was looking for a shortcut to be an icon
But this time it’s for the money my nigga
Me and the Ichiban Don got itchy palms
And I just left Emmet’s with a jar and a intercom
I’ma act an ass and have a donkey to pin it on
I’m winning no matter what the decision’s depending on
I’m sinister, picture a ticking bomb in the Pentagon
The typical shit I’ve been on, remember the pen is gone
Your pinnacle’s penny pinching, I’m getting nickels for my thoughts
Like Slim Shady in Balmain jeans
Difficult to say I’m vision impaired, all I seen
I’m Yamborghini High, A$AP M-O-B
Your 16 is pint sized to me

Young, no shame, Kurt Cobain, bastard son
With a gun in palm, money, pussy, crime sitting on my mind
No emotion, orange bottles how I deal with mine
Cracking bannies, only time a nigga cross the line
Wrong hand signs’ll turn a function to Columbine
Yeah, so, B.O.B’s top gunner
Front runner, never die clique, the thing you are not brother
Polo Ralph Lauren is keeping the Glock covered
Pour up medication by the brick
Sipping oil like we’re tryna sink a ship
So, yeah, uppers and the downers in the mix
Now the film heads talking ’bout a script
Living my days is a gamble
I guess that’s the perks of the set, bet
Ain’t nothing certain but dirt that bitch wearing that skirt
So I guess that I’m flirting with death
Need the type of cash cow to get Trump whacked out
Here’s the question you should ask
What’s the Soul without the Da$H
Never had the option I could back out
If it’s ’bout the cash then I act out

Black out, black out
Black out, black out
Black out, black out
Black out, black out
Yeah, So…


  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..
  • Gamze: such an inspiration
  • Nutragente: Thanks for finally talking about >Nike KobeSystem – Level 5 Domination - Serkan Çetinel <Loved it!
  • King Push: Hail maryyy!
  • Nicky: Happy Birthday Legend!

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