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31 March 2015

As Children Cry

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Video

This one right here
This for all the young people
All over the world
Who are suffering
As a result of our mistakes

This for every child who needs love and stability
For every boy and girl who needs a hug and it’s killing me
To see young people so torn and abrasive
Being taught wrong no child is born racist
Faced with peer pressure
Poor education they’re made to feel less
So lets do more to save ’em
They’re behaving erratic based on needs and status
They just wanna feel safe
So they feed into habits
Now they’re smoking and drinking
They’re fucking and cutting
They’re depressed it’s a mess
But they’re just hunting for something
A way to feel good a safe place in the hood
Nurture all their dreams
Keep telling them they could
Be whatever they choose
Begin changing the rules
They’re our future
Teach what they? dont learn? in schools
More than science and math
Start providing a path
To the youth its not your fault you were dying so fast!

I see promise in our youth even more than they do
Some are bothered by the truth like a form of abuse
I keep warning them too, break the cycle and grow
But the history of violence is frightfull and cold
In the night they’re alone, in the day they rebel
Too many fights in the home, too many say they will fail
Its a never ending battle for acceptance and love
The pressure for respect and protection from us
Man just look what we’ve done project war with our guns
And at home we dont protect our own daughters and sons
Neglecting the ones who have the answer to life
The solutions to the problems we abandon at night
I will stand for their rights cuz their lifes are cheated
Continue to support them and fight for freedom
Its a crisis in sequence from these selfish victims
Their lifes are weakened by someone elses decisions

Look at the suicide rate
Look at what they decide
Look at who was irate
Look at drugs they subscribe
They’re manic, bipolar, the adhd
Our maybe its the world and how we raise ’em to be
Look what they see on TV
They watching too much
Mom and pops workin late cause the economy sucks
Teenage girls locked up at a crucial rate
Statistics show they where physically abused or raped
How much more can they take before they snap and react?
Hurt themselves and someone else another tragic attack
We laugh at the past then we hope for the best
But the past will just reflect the present knowing whats next
We messed up, toxicated dirty water disease infected foods drug abuse life caught in the streets
We’re forcin our seeds to take more than they should
So grown folk give em hope and make sure that they good

1 Response to "As Children Cry"

1 | Edmund M Blohm

4 June 2016 at 2:29 PM


Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same

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  • Rohan: Please any one can give me the lyrics of this song plzzz plzz help me I really wanna know what are they really want to say pllzzz plzz help me someone
  • Karamelmakiyato: Sene olmuş 2019 hâlâ dinliyorum bee
  • Bicümle: Çok uyumakla uyuyamamak arasında gidip gelmek:(
  • Jessica: What is she singing? I can never get it. This is such an awesome and SIC song. I know all about the city trapped in amber.. was on the clinic etc. Ran
  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..

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