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06 May, 2016

Canal St.

Posted by: Erin In: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Yeah, live through the strugglin’, life’s a every day (hustle) I hustle every day in life thinkin’ back Takin’ packs up the block, them older niggas said I couldn’t (hustle) Man fuck ’em niggas, I’ll be back, strapped back pack Bitch, I’m flippin’ work, hand in hand, I think they call it track (hustle) Racin’ […]

06 May, 2016

Hamdoulah Ça Va

Posted by: Emily In: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Moi Hamdoulah ça va Hamdoulah ça va, ça va, yeah Hamdoulah ça va, oh Je te dis Hamdoulah ça va, ça va, yeah Hamdoulah ça va, oh Tout le monde fait “ooh” Tout le monde fait “ooh” Moi hamdoulah ça va, moi ha-moi hamdoulah ça va Les keufs frappent à la porte ? Papa, ton […]

06 May, 2016

Thank You Kobe!

Posted by: Erin In: NBA|Sport|Videos

Players from around the league give their thanks to Kobe Bryant and describe what he’s meant to the game as we say farewell. Thank You Mamba!

The Mamba went off for his final game scoring 60 points and leading the Lakers to a come from behind victory.

06 May, 2016

Mamba Out!

Posted by: Erin In: NBA|Sport|Videos

Kobe Bryant gives a final farewell to teammates, family, friends and all of Lakers nation after his historic 60 point finale.

06 May, 2016

Inside Access: Kobe’s Final Game

Posted by: Emily In: NBA|Sport|Videos

Kobe Bryant’s final game was a magical experience for fans and players alike.

Magic Johnson and a host of NBA legends celebrate and pay tribute to Kobe Bryant before his final NBA game.

Kobe Bryant’s Last Game Final Introduction for Lakers.

13 Apr, 2016

The Conductor

Posted by: Emily In: NBA|Sport|Tv|Videos

Depending on who you ask, Kobe Bryant was basketball’s greatest hero or its greatest villain. As he walks off the court for the last time, opponents and fans tell him how they really feel.

13 Apr, 2016

Farewell to Kobe Bryant

Posted by: Erin In: NBA|Sport|Videos

NBA greats from around the league wish Kobe Bryant a fond-farewell…

  • Rohan: Please any one can give me the lyrics of this song plzzz plzz help me I really wanna know what are they really want to say pllzzz plzz help me someone
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  • Bicümle: Çok uyumakla uyuyamamak arasında gidip gelmek:(
  • Jessica: What is she singing? I can never get it. This is such an awesome and SIC song. I know all about the city trapped in amber.. was on the clinic etc. Ran
  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..

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