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Me Against The World

16 May 2015

Fuck Da World

Author: Irene | Category: Lyrics|Music|Video

Dear heavenly father
I come to you today
To remove all these evil spirits
Keep us out of harm’s way
Never allow us to die broke..

I pray for them children who woke up this morning and lost they life
How dare the government passin’ these laws to remove the Christ
As soon as a tragedy happen the person you call is God
Now people obeyin’ and prayin’, they prayin’ I’m sayin’ it’s odd
Fuck the world – the government too
I’m keepin’ it real, them killers are still in political suits
And I hate it, it’s people, it’s nothin’ my brother or sister could do
But sit back and pray as we watchin’ the news and we take the abuse
What train of thought is tellin’ you shoot up a movie theatre?
What kind of fool gon’ walk in a school and off them angels?
It could me my moms, my brother or sister, a friend that I knew
The funny thing is, it could’ve been me, it could’ve been you
I’m tired of people complainin’ about the little shit
When I just lost my grandmother to that cancer bitch
You woke up this morning – why the fuck is you mad?
You broke as a joke – get up off your ass
I hustle like niggas is broke even though I be countin’ the cash
I gotta get it – like I’m down to my last
Put that on my mama, don’t wanna go through them tears again
‘Cause when you are broke, it’s nobody there, including your friends..

I woke up this morning and I got the news that my homie was shot
Out on the block and in front of his daughter, believe it or not
Good people are sayin’ and prayin’ for innocent murders to stop
We livin’ in Hell and it’s easy to tell some people are shocked
Who are you people to judge me ‘cause of the way that I live?
The way that I grind, the things that I did, the person I am
Everyone got opinions but niggas as broke as a joke
I went to them schools and spoke to the children that need it the most
I gave away toys, I gave ‘em a speech, delivered ‘em hope
It’s a blessing to become a blessing, my mama would set it in stone
Fuck these niggas hatin’ on me
Hate is such a weak emotion
And money is the root of evil
But that’s that shit that keeps me focused
Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m a father
No pain can describe on how to reside with losin’ a daughter
Fuck this world – the ignorance too
They want me to fall, but still I continue to lace up this shoe
Society’s being misleaded, I’m simply giving you proof
Them people is sellin’ these lies, I’m simply speakin’ the truth..


“Fuck the world – the government too
I’m keepin’ it real, them killers are still in political suits
And I hate it, it’s people, it’s nothin’ my brother or sister could do
You can hate it or love it, but youngin’ I’m simply speakin’ the truth!”

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  • Rohan: Please any one can give me the lyrics of this song plzzz plzz help me I really wanna know what are they really want to say pllzzz plzz help me someone
  • Karamelmakiyato: Sene olmuş 2019 hâlâ dinliyorum bee
  • Bicümle: Çok uyumakla uyuyamamak arasında gidip gelmek:(
  • Jessica: What is she singing? I can never get it. This is such an awesome and SIC song. I know all about the city trapped in amber.. was on the clinic etc. Ran
  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..

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