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Me Against The World

28 February 2015

Indirect Honesty

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Video

No, no, no, why… why would you get it? What do you even care, as long as you get what you want, right? You don’t give a shit about me!

Prepare the table for my family only, Now tell me who to blame
Make it that you barely know me, It help me through the pain
Inject into the vein, My blood flow deep
Connected to the game, Or else i don’t eat
I made it on my own, When every back turned
And if you call my phone, I hope it means you have learned
I watch your shack burn, You buried in debris

I’m Cousin Pat grown, The Illseed elite
My home is Nah Bro, My brother Jay Gill, Me and him we got to find a way like Curtis Mayfield
Don’t fit your play bill, We don’t read a script, My shit will stay real, You others eat a dick
Plead the 5th when it come to turning on my team, Now pay attention i’m a teach you all what karma mean
My armor clean before a war, Maybe a pride issue. My Father need me at the door, Lay down and die with you
Never a time issue, I’m always there to love
And to remind you if you never thought i cared enough

My grandmother gone, She was a lovely lady
We shared such a bond, Been thinking of her lately
Take me on a trip through the heaven that everyone promote
I’ve got a brand new invention, Now check on what i wrote
You know a thing or two about me now, I’m filled with honor
People that you think are crew, Usually are the real piranhas
You can’t kill the name, And every fan i have
My cult will remain, You’ll feel the aftermath. Half the original long gone, They weren’t loyal
A fire waiting to happen, I matched the burning oil
Boil down your temper, I don’t like they way you coming at me
You lost a valued member, Now you’ll have to come and catch me
My shorty told me, Sean control your own life
She wrap the blanket round my shoulders on a cold night
I feel it in the air and carefully reveal my thoughts
You kneeling to my chair and share with me your awful loss
You never cared to feel for nothing but your own greed
Until i’m rightfully treated you know i won’t leave


I’m seeing you there, got my eyes on you
I hold you tight in my arms
Follow your heart where ever it leads you
I will guard you whatever you do
Never look back, don’t regret your moves
I am watching you grow and improve

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  • Rohan: Please any one can give me the lyrics of this song plzzz plzz help me I really wanna know what are they really want to say pllzzz plzz help me someone
  • Karamelmakiyato: Sene olmuş 2019 hâlâ dinliyorum bee
  • Bicümle: Çok uyumakla uyuyamamak arasında gidip gelmek:(
  • Jessica: What is she singing? I can never get it. This is such an awesome and SIC song. I know all about the city trapped in amber.. was on the clinic etc. Ran
  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..

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