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07 April 2015

Empathy for Khojaly: Broken Dreams

Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

My only one
Where are you now
Where do I go
My home is broken now

I will never stop
I will pray for you
Till the sun comes up

All the hurt and pain
Wont mean anything
If we just forget
Our memories wont fade away

A generation torn apart
The rain is gone but the flood remains
Nowhere to run to anymore
When you have been walking on broken dreams



06 April 2015

Paul George Returns to Action!

Author: Erin | Category: NBA|Sport|Videos

PG finished with 13pts/2rebs/2asts/2stls in just over 14 minutes of playing time.

Welcome Back Paul George!


06 April 2015


Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Who you are?
One nation under a thug and bullet scar
Young nation no revolution and no cause
One nation young black and dangerous by far
Young nation just trying to get this.


Murderous mind state, can’t keep my nine straight
Sippin’ on this Hennessy, waitin’ for the time to break
Show up and motherfuckers bow down recognize
Westside, Deathrow, Outlaw Ridahz
Untouchable mob of pistol packers
Well known felons, labelled for drug sellin’ merciless jackers
Forever buzzed, roll with thugs and dawgs
Commence to lettin’ off rounds, then escape in a fog
Who wanna see me solo?
Catch Makaveli while he’s sleepin’
My mini fourteen murderin’ niggas while they creepin’, uh
Duck or you ass out, drink till you pass out
Ain’t scared to die, drunk drivin’ in my glasshouse
Niggas is under me, they bitches come to me
They heard the stories nigga now they wanna really see
Bomb first my motto, it’s fully guaranteed
Niggas is playa haters, label them my enemies, I’m dumpin’

When it’s on, I’m poppin’ off every chance I get
Out the window on some uptown anthem shit
I’m stressin’ but ain’t no pressure here, I been there before
Fugitive, task force, at my girlfriend door
Now they checkin’ our my bedroom, I ain’t there
40 Cals, extended clips, still, I ain’t scared
Outlaw, and best believe they won’t take me alive
I’m different and I’mma prove it if it take me to die
Knew that God had a plan for me
But he won’t be layin’ up in my casket to doing life in the can for me
Maybe I’m breezy or paranoid than a bitch
Me dyin’, you think I’d let them see the joy from that shit?
Walking dead, angel spend they last days by me
New Jersey giant like Dave Tyree
Young George and Jonathan Jatt, your guns clap
Mine’ll go brraaatt, soldier like Geronimo Pratt
And come through cockin’ the black pound
When they put twin towers up, Pac, I’m knocking them back down
Poster child cheque, Air Force Ones with the crooked dial checks
I’m supposed to wild sex
Money and murder, is all I breathe in my life
It’s full of judges and chasin’ enemies in the night
Through the Henny I see the eyes of the devil
G ridin’ with extra boxes of bullets to the nine and the shell


N Papoose


05 April 2015


Author: Emily | Category: NBA|Sport

Tonight, we ‪#‎WelcomeBackPG‬.


31 March 2015

As Children Cry

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

This one right here
This for all the young people
All over the world
Who are suffering
As a result of our mistakes

This for every child who needs love and stability
For every boy and girl who needs a hug and it’s killing me
To see young people so torn and abrasive
Being taught wrong no child is born racist
Faced with peer pressure
Poor education they’re made to feel less
So lets do more to save ’em
They’re behaving erratic based on needs and status
They just wanna feel safe
So they feed into habits
Now they’re smoking and drinking
They’re fucking and cutting
They’re depressed it’s a mess
But they’re just hunting for something
A way to feel good a safe place in the hood
Nurture all their dreams
Keep telling them they could
Be whatever they choose
Begin changing the rules
They’re our future
Teach what they? dont learn? in schools
More than science and math
Start providing a path
To the youth its not your fault you were dying so fast!

I see promise in our youth even more than they do
Some are bothered by the truth like a form of abuse
I keep warning them too, break the cycle and grow
But the history of violence is frightfull and cold
In the night they’re alone, in the day they rebel
Too many fights in the home, too many say they will fail
Its a never ending battle for acceptance and love
The pressure for respect and protection from us
Man just look what we’ve done project war with our guns
And at home we dont protect our own daughters and sons
Neglecting the ones who have the answer to life
The solutions to the problems we abandon at night
I will stand for their rights cuz their lifes are cheated
Continue to support them and fight for freedom
Its a crisis in sequence from these selfish victims
Their lifes are weakened by someone elses decisions

Look at the suicide rate
Look at what they decide
Look at who was irate
Look at drugs they subscribe
They’re manic, bipolar, the adhd
Our maybe its the world and how we raise ’em to be
Look what they see on TV
They watching too much
Mom and pops workin late cause the economy sucks
Teenage girls locked up at a crucial rate
Statistics show they where physically abused or raped
How much more can they take before they snap and react?
Hurt themselves and someone else another tragic attack
We laugh at the past then we hope for the best
But the past will just reflect the present knowing whats next
We messed up, toxicated dirty water disease infected foods drug abuse life caught in the streets
We’re forcin our seeds to take more than they should
So grown folk give em hope and make sure that they good


27 March 2015


Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Wake up feeling like fuck my life
Life’s a bitch, she better fuck me right
Lost my love in this losing game
When the feds came, it’s like I lost my wife
Nigga losing weight as I’m losing time
See I took a loss, see I lost a mill then I lost my mind
Over-conversated with them hoes, overcompensated with them hoes
Overdid it like it’s over-time
Told her run the tab til she overdose
Alpina, Alsina, King Push like King Tut
Made niggas to you middle men
You get middle fingers, we don’t give a fuck


Let me tell you bout my self: I’m not scared to die
Been through so much shit, sometimes I wanna be in the sky
Wanna know how it feels to fly, wanna know how it feels to fly
Scared of hello, I ain’t scared of goodbye


I never thought that I would be here
I never thought I’d get this far
If they say life is like a beach chair
Then why am I sitting in the dark


Sometimes I just feel like – fuck my life
Fuck my life
Even when I’m up I’m feeling down
Fuck my life
Got niggas locked up or underground
Fuck my life, fuck my life
Sometimes I just feel like – fuck my life
Fuck my life, fuck my life…


26 March 2015

RIP Eazy-E

Author: Erin | Category: Chillin|Music

20 years ago today, March 26, we lost a hip hop legend.


RIP Eazy-E



25 March 2015

Death & Destiny

Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

You ever have someone you care about just leave your life?
Whether sudden or it’s coming and you can’t breathe right…


This is our destiny, what is meant to be will be
It’s out of our hands, part of the plan
Respect time we have, enjoy the show
“People come and go”

And when they go they’re missed
Whether old or kids
It’s the memories we make, it’s that ownership
It’s the unknown fear, it’s the fear we know
When our
“People come and go”


23 March 2015


Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

There are so many things that I don’t understand
There’s a world within me that I cannot explain
Many rooms to explore, but the doors look the same
I am lost I can’t even remember my name

I’ve been for some time
Looking for someone
I need to know now
Please tell me who I am..


18 March 2015

Black Winter Day

Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Torn apart now
I cannot have this combination
And fusion of your elixir
Torn apart now
These are the choices we’ve made
Do I swallow or walk away?


Yeah, most of my adult life I’ve been torn into two
If you love me, then I love you and this song is for you
It’s tight hard when you know what you said
And your shorty seein’ you as an emotional wreck
The closer I get, it’s like the farther I feel
And my heart has turned into this heavy armor and steel
It’s hard to be real, hard to listen to the dumb shit
And I take a lot of pills cause it numbs shit
I wish I had another path to follow
Wish that I could be a man and learn to pass the bottle
A graphic novel, my future a box or an urn
Havin’ dreams about death, but I’m not that concerned
And I’m diseased, through the seasons they turn
Watchin’ leaves from the trees turn disease and they burn
I’m eager to learn, but I’m holdin’ my breath
And everyday alive is just another closer to death


Yeah, I’ve been alive longer then I expected to be
And took care of everything that’s expected of me
Took care of my girl and my mother
I told her that I’m always here and I love her
I handle shit differently cause I’m grown now
And the truth is that I’d rather be alone now
I’d rather not have to deal with the day
And I hate when people ask me how I’m feelin’ today
My brother Rasul, we had a beef and grudge
But we grew up together, cousin, so it’s peace and love
I wish all the best, I wish all the shine
I wish I didn’t wanna off my thoughts with a nine
I’m thoughtful and kind, but I’m evil alas
But everything I love has turned to a tedious task
I feel that life a waiting game for people to pass
But nobody ever want you to see through the mask


Yeah, I don’t wanna be a burden to y’all
I just wanna know exactly what my purpose is for
I feel like nothin’ I do is ever right
And that I’m actin’ a fool another night
And I admit, I don’t take care of myself
So I do a lot of thinkin’ and preparing myself
Cause the fact is my father died young and I might, too
And it ain’t any way to tell what I might do
I don’t wanna leave my mother behind
I don’t want for her to cry, because the struggle is mine
I don’t want for her to grind no more
I don’t want for her to work a 9-to-5 no more
I ain’t have to work a fuckin’ 9-to-5 before
So I’m tryin’ to get this money to provide for y’all
And if the shit ain’t work out and I’m suddenly gone
Just remember that the motherfuckin’ love isn’t gone


  • Jessica: What is she singing? I can never get it. This is such an awesome and SIC song. I know all about the city trapped in amber.. was on the clinic etc. Ran
  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..
  • Gamze: such an inspiration
  • Nutragente: Thanks for finally talking about >Nike KobeSystem – Level 5 Domination - Serkan Çetinel <Loved it!
  • King Push: Hail maryyy!

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