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Me Against The World

23 August 2016

The Violin Song

Author: Irene | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

My soul redeems tonight, celestial fight
Goddes of beauty, Venus vs Mars
It tears the word apart, no one can find
A safer place where we can love all night..

We go, we go, we goin’ right
We go, we go, go all night
We go, we go, we goin’ right
We go, we go, go all night.


23 August 2016

Happy Birthday Mamba

Author: Emily | Category: NBA|Sport

Happy Birthday Mamba
Happy birthday to one of the most amazing talents to ever touch a basketball, LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.
Happy 38th Birthday, Black Mamba!


10 August 2016


Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

They trying to tell me that aliens built the pyramids
It’s funny ‘cause they probably did..

Fuck I’m doing talking ‘bout pineal glands
Fuck I’m doing talking ‘bout pineal glands
Ancient ways of Sumerians
Ain’t nothing wrong with a righteous man
Uh, this is my Anunnaki flow
Oh, this be my Anunnaki flow
Yo, I got that Anunnaki flow
You are now on Planet X, I’m the God, show your respect

I’m the destroyer, and this is doomsday
360,000 years since I made way
Hey, I hate to be the one to warn ya
Your government knew all along
Guess they wasn’t tryna spoil it for ya
Boy oh boy, I’m hot to death, high as my magnetic field
Theologists preach of me but they don’t think I’m really real
All my angels up in here, all my demons up in here
I know who brought you in this world
They will take you out of here
The law of relativity’s cute, I even sunk Atlantis too
NASA on some bullshit, they always cropping out my crew
(Yep) and they be loving the crew
(Yep) yea they be loving the crew
I know that you heard about me, bout me way way back in school
Mayan calendars, you went to church, we all know Revelations
You see Porsches
Behold of pale horses galloping ‘cross the nation
Watch out for them Seven Seals, I’ll be in the sky
The Euphrates River’s dry so you know it’s real..

No man knoweth the hour of my return
It’ll be like a thief in the night, make sure your people’s alright
That’s right, the writing’s on the wall
They was only worried about Sodom ‘cause they ain’t have the balls to go against the gods
The only brown dwarf swaggin’
Cross yo sun just like a dragon
The Japanese know what’s happening
They was debating ‘bout Kobe and LeBron
The Bible or the Qur’an, they should’ve been taking cover
They said I’m red but gold is my favorite color
Witnesses agreed, they see me with wings when I hover
Might even make your pole shift when I’m skipping through
My orbit is a bitch on her menstrual
They underminded the prophecy of Daniel
That’s a bummer, now I’m at your doorstep but not for sugar
This that anunnaki flow, Enki and Enlil would love it
Serious as the war in Syria, bitch (?)

Global warming’s a lie, the moon is a satellite
Holographic universe we enter to the light..

“Back in the 1950’s – most people weren’t aware of it – but there was a scientific storm in America all through the late ’50’s – about this thing out there in space – it’s because the astronomers were all watching it, and that was back when they weren’t afraid to talk about it…”

Ayo, just in case I get killed for this shit
You got your heads up
Make sure you tell ’em JMSN ain’t have nothing to do with this shit
God bless y’all
Killuminati…all through my body
Blows like a 12-gauge shotty

I told Punch I’d probably get assassinated by the government
He probably think I’m sniffin’ cocaine and some other shit…


10 August 2016

Black Heaven

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Black heaven is a place where people like me go
Up there in black heaven, black heaven..

I know you smilin’ down up there in black heaven
I know you’re really proud of me up there in black heaven
I know you smilin’ down on me in black heaven
Thinkin’ of you til the day we meet again

Know Dr. King still preachin’ about togetherness
But probably lookin’ down sayin’ it’s irrelevant
Whitney Houston, she was heaven sent
A song bird prolly smilin’ right now listenin’ to her own words
Rosa Parks so much heart, she an OG
Know she smilin’ lookin’ at the blacks in the front seat
Bernie Mac jokin’ right now, him and Richard Pryor
Trayvon prolly lookin’ down sayin’ them niggas wild
I know who givin’ knowledge up there, 2Pac
He lookin’ down like what happened to this hip hop?
Biggie Smalls prolly swagged out, laid back
Him and Eazy talkin’ bout how it was way back
Nate Dogg prolly reminicin’ about the A-Trak
Pimp sayin’ prayers that Bun and Jay stay strapped
Michael Jackson? He prolly maxin’ and relaxin’
Him and Marvin Gaye makin’ a classic

Billie Holiday thinkin’ about the old days
Johnny Taylor makin’ mixes with the Ojays
Rodney King prolly thinkin’ bout his old ways
Thinkin’ bout how they burned the city down bout his old case
Malcolm X prolly wishin’ he was down here
To take our hoods back from the people who ain’t from round here
James Brown still hollin’ it’s a man’s world
But thinkin’ damn all these girls takin’ man’s girl
Know Jackie Neal talkin’ bout how people roll
Know Tooki Williams still stickin’ to the G code
Wilt probably still saying nobody broke his record
Mac Dre still represent as a bay legend
Know I and Bleek prolly talkin’ bout me
Them niggas prolly jam with Big Stone, out the three
DJ Screw lookin’ down at the culture that he started
Rest in peace Bob Marley

Where do my niggas go to when they pass?
And why do good niggas never last?
Some get addicted to the fast route
The hand in hand, you know that cash route
I pray to God that we see better days
I caught a record while the record plays
I’m thinkin’ Lord don’t let ’em carry me
See I know one day when they bury me
I’ll go straight to black heaven, black heaven
Yeah I go straight to black heaven, black heaven
Don’t let the paranoia get to me
Can’t take a trip to penitentiary
I make a flip and take the summer off
A half a brick? Now that’s a summer salt
I look to God, it’s been along road
I got my braid up, like a cornrow
I’ve been through hell, one day I’ll find my way
If not then maybe I can buy my way to black heaven.


08 August 2016

Free the Robots

Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Dear diary, what a day it’s been
Dear diary, it’s been just like a dream..

Illuminati tryin’ to read my mind with a eagle eye
And the haze got me thinkin’, why?
We killed Osama and plenty innocent people died
We should see the signs, but we Stevie blind
No disrespect to the man or the legend, but
I’m sick and tired of askin’ my brethren if
It all ends in 2011
Would God come through or would he actually forget us?
Cause, apocalypse is getting closer
But they’re more focused on our lil youth sippin’ soda
Fuck the sugar act, niggas out pushin’ crack
And I lost my father figure because of that

So can I live? or is my brother tryin’ to gun me down
Scuffle a couple of rounds ’til we hear the thunder sound
No lightning, clash of the titans
And after the violence a moment of silence
Cause I want mine the fast way
The ski mask way, lookin’ for a fast pay
And instead of stickin’ up for each other
We pickin’ up guns and stickin’ up our brothers
So fuck ’em all, I’m comin’ through ragin’
And I won’t stop ’til Reagan is caged in
Mom tell me I should let the Lord handle it
The arm of the law is tryin’ to man-handle us
A man’s world, but a white man’s planet
And the doors are slowly closing while we fallin’ through the cracks of it
It’s a shame that flippin’ crack will be
The best alternative if you don’t make it rappin’
These crack houses and trap houses are trappin’ us in
And in the end we’re gonna remain stagnant
I ain’t havin’ it.



28 July 2016

This Bitter Land

Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

This bitter land
Watered with my soul
The fruit it bears
Leaves me so cold
This bitter land
Does nothing for love
This bitter land
Brings pain from above, oh-oh..

Yeah, running on the concrete across the train tracks
The devil is behind me
In the ghetto where’s you’ll find me, it’s where I stays at
Cop shot us up, he get a medal then retire
But it never will define me
Write a letter to the president, whoever in control of the society
Tell ’em stop riding me, stop driving us into a suicidal ideology
Tryna feed my seeds
Getting high on weed, study my degrees
Stay fly, getting paper
With some dead white people faces in the circle of spaces around the green
I’ma lean, taking Percs as a bit of Earth
Is a nigga cursed? Am I blessed? See what I mean
It’s a test, life is a test
Life is like a hood, hard
Trying not to fall between the cracks
In the cracks it’s so dark, and the dark
Seems more appealing than the light in the land
Where you gotta fight
Catch a body in the night, we need a plan
To survive, to survive the land
Survive the storm, when it comes through
Either you’re busy living or busy dying, look what it’s come to
Look what it’s come to, so what you’re gonna do?

This bitter land is far too real
This bitter land, it does not heal
Cause in the land skies are grey
But we fight the storms that come our way
A boy who strives to be a man
Must push to lead with all he can
Oh, this bitter land
Oh, bitter land
Oh, oh, oh, oooh
This bitter land can’t stop my fight
This bitter land

Look what it’s come to
So what you gonna do?
My land.


16 July 2016

The Get Back

Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

I see we had a long night last night…

I just seen some killer’s get some get back
I tried to tell these police that we with dat
I just seen some gangsta’s get some get back
I tried to tell these police that we with dat
I look at these shootings like I did that (I just did that)
I tried to tell them these blood nigga’s with dat
I just seen some crips get some get back (Wuddup cuz)
I’m just trying to tell Obama that we with dat
And this shit ain’t over..

Laying on the roof waiting for 12 to come through
.223 shells what they hell they gon’ do?
Gripping on the handle
Thinking about Philando (Rest in peace)
I’ma blow out his candles, make him out of example
I’ma take you to Atlanta
I’ma hit em with it while I get em with it
Pussy nigga’s stay away from me if you ain’t really with it
Rap nigga’s keep preaching this peace shit
But just on some last week shit
You was talking that street shit
That Pulling up busting your heat shit
Look how they laid that hand
That baby was sitting in the back seat
Bitch we not crazy this how you made me
I can’t let them see me hit
I’m not putting my hands up my black life don’t matter
I rather return mine with that ratta tatta tatta tatta

Good morning I woke up smelling gun powder
Call this that black power
11 body’s in 4 hours
558 of us already died though
In 2016 by the hands of the 5-0
I ain’t wrote none of this shit down (Real shit) truthfully
I done lost my passport I suppose to be in Switzerland
50 don’t even know about this but I know he listening (My bad)
Since I missed the show I figured get high right now!
Make these nigga’s load up and go kill a cop right now!
So any rapper putting anything out not right now!
I’ma do this for the Mike Brown’s and the Trayvon’s and the Sandra’s
I’ma show you I can say shit and make police out of examples

Sometimes you know
You gotta fight fire with fire
You just gotta do what you gotta do
You know do the math my nigga
I know I know shit seem crazy but it is crazy
Thugging with a conscience though
Fuck the police
Shit how the fuck can you turn to mother fucker
When they already turning on you
It is what it is
Fuck with me..


13 July 2016


Author: Erin | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

I fell asleep beneath the flowers
For a couple of hours
On a beautiful day
I dream of you amid the flowers
For a couple of hours
Such a beautiful day

As I spy from behind my giant robot’s eyes
I keep him happy cause I might fall out if he cries
Scared of heights so I might pass out if he flies
Keep him on autopilot cause I can’t drive
Room enough for one I tell my homies they can’t ride
Unless they sitting on the shoulders but that’s way too high
Let’s try not to step on the children
The news cameras filming
This walking project building
Now there’s hoes selling hoes like right around the toes
And the crackheads beg at about the lower leg
There’s crooked police that’s stationed at the knees
And they do drive-bys like up and down the thighs
And there’s a car chase going on at the waist
Keep a vest on my chest
I’m sitting in my room as I’m looking out the face
Something to write about
I still got some damage from fighting the White House
Just a..

Now come on everybody, let’s make cocaine cool
We need a few more half-naked women up in the pool
And hold this MAC-10 that’s all covered in jewels
And can you please put your titties closer to the 22s?
And where’s the champagne? We need champagne
Now look as hard as you can with this blunt in your hand
And now hold up your chain, slow-motion through the flames
Now cue the smoke machines and the simulated rain
But not too loud cause the baby’s sleeping
I wonder if it knows what the world is keeping
Up both sleeves while he lay there dreaming
Me and my robot tip-toed ’round, creeping
I had to turn my back on what got you paid
I couldn’t see, had the hood on me like Abu Ghraib
But I’d like to thank the streets that drove me crazy
And all the televisions out there that raised me
I was…


10 July 2016


Author: Emily | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Make a space
For my body
Dig a hole
Push the sides apart
This is what
I’m controlling
It’s a mold
The inside that I carve

This will be my monument
This will be a beacon when
I’m gone
Gone, gone
When I’m gone
Gone, gone
When I’m gone

So that when the moment comes
I can say I did it all with love
Love, love
All with love
Love, love
All with love

Make a cast
Of my body
Pull back out
So that I can see
Let go of
How you knew me
Let go of
What I used to be

I will let this monument
Represent a moment of my life
Life, life
Of my life
Life, life
Of my life

Make a cast
Of my body
Pull back out
So that I can see
Let go of how you knew me
Let go of what I used to be…


08 July 2016

Criminals Of Permission

Author: Irene | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Uh, I bet you’d snatch a chain of a niggas neck
But you won’t dare snatch a badge of that niggas chest
And it’s funny cause if you put ‘C’ in front of the word ‘OP’
Then you probably just figured out, who’s your biggest threat
In Long Island, they choked that poor man to death
In Missouri, Mike Brown caught one in the head
Couple days later, they shot another nigga 9 times
And had the audacity to cuff him, after he was dead
All that blood spilled
All them tears shed
All these young, unfinished lives ended
If I committed murder I’ll get 25 to life
But if a cop commit murder, he only get suspended?
Fuck your uniform, Fuck your badge, Fuck your weapon
You supposed to protect us, instead you want us to fear you
And practise on us all those lethal tactics that they teach you
Stop abusing your power nigga, me and you are equal
You bleed? I bleed too
You eat shit? I eat too
You got a family waiting for you home, Right? Nigga me too
You havin’ a bad day? Yeah me too
When I’m havin’ a bad day
I don’t get to walk around and shoot people
Kids used to wanna be you, now they wanna beat you
You used to be their hero, now their hero turned evil
Start defending the law, and stop defending your ego
Shit, they’ll probably kill me if I ever release this video
And if so, Mister Officer just pray that the lord forgives you
And forgive you for raping that teacher uptown by Inwood
And forgive you for shooting that kid
That opened his door, with a WII remote in his hand
That you fucking thought was a pistol
Mister commissioner just tell your popo to chill
It’s more of us than ya’ll, so shit ’bout to get real
If we start shooting back, we shooting to kill
There’s a kid sharing this video, to let you know how he feel
What the fuck makes us so different?
What the fuck makes us so different?

You commit crimes just like everybody else
You just do this shit with permission
You choked that poor man with permission
You raped that fucking girl with permission
You shot that man’s dog with permission
You probably fire at me and kill me with p…


  • Jessica: What is she singing? I can never get it. This is such an awesome and SIC song. I know all about the city trapped in amber.. was on the clinic etc. Ran
  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..
  • Gamze: such an inspiration
  • Nutragente: Thanks for finally talking about >Nike KobeSystem – Level 5 Domination - Serkan Çetinel <Loved it!
  • King Push: Hail maryyy!

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