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Hop is Back! WB Hopsin. Lol. Pound Syndrome.

09 Apr, 2014

My Life

Posted by: Emily In: Lyrics|Music|Videos

When I awake each day, it’s like a new timeless moment The chance to steer your drive as soon as your eyelids open I pushed past the path that tipped the scales And made it to the sea in time to catch my ship that sailed Played the game my way with my mind in […]

01 Dec, 2013

The Sea is Rising

Posted by: Erin In: Music|Videos

Bliss N Eso Sydney Peace.

  • Jessica: What is she singing? I can never get it. This is such an awesome and SIC song. I know all about the city trapped in amber.. was on the clinic etc. Ran
  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..
  • Gamze: such an inspiration
  • Nutragente: Thanks for finally talking about >Nike KobeSystem – Level 5 Domination - Serkan Çetinel <Loved it!
  • King Push: Hail maryyy!

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