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18 Nov, 2017


Posted by: Erin In: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Pretty green bud all in my blunt, oh, I need it We can take off, yeah, ooh, marijuana, yeah Pretty green bud all in my blunt, oh, I need it We can take off, yeah, ooh, I know you wanna, smoke I-I-I be on it all day Like my nigga Big Boi said That’s the […]

29 Apr, 2015

Cold Blooded

Posted by: Erin In: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Cold! Bitch you know I’m cold yea I’m one cold blooded nigga Oh So cold Niggas know I’m cold yea One cold blooded nigga Owie! I got my head on a swivel Think its time I open my mind where I left it Nigga make it easy, make sure that they can’t delete me I’m […]

25 Apr, 2015

Soundtrack 2 My Life

Posted by: Erin In: Lyrics|Music|Videos

The moon will illuminate my room and soon I’m consumed by my doom Once upon a time nobody gave a fuck It’s all said and done and my cock’s been sucked So now I’m in the cut, alcohol in the wound My heart’s an open sore that I hope heals soon I live in a […]

04 Jan, 2014

I am a maniac

Posted by: Erin In: Lyrics|Music|Videos

Paint the black hole blacker… Yeah I swear to tell the truth The whole truth And nothing but Yes… Hey, I am the maniac, I am the ghoul I’m in the shadows in the corner of my room This my new hideaway, this is my tomb This is my coffin, this is my place for […]

Houp…Kid Cudi…Dayn ‘N’ Nite… Watch Listen: [audio:] Day n nite. I toss and turn, I keep stressin’ my mind, mind. I look for peace, but see I don’t attain. What I need for keeps this silly game we play, play. Now look at this.

  • Rohan: Please any one can give me the lyrics of this song plzzz plzz help me I really wanna know what are they really want to say pllzzz plzz help me someone
  • Karamelmakiyato: Sene olmuş 2019 hâlâ dinliyorum bee
  • Bicümle: Çok uyumakla uyuyamamak arasında gidip gelmek:(
  • Jessica: What is she singing? I can never get it. This is such an awesome and SIC song. I know all about the city trapped in amber.. was on the clinic etc. Ran
  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..

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