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06 December 2015

When I Die

Author: Irene | Category: Lyrics|Music|Videos

When I die, will you take me way up to the sky?
When I die, will you take me down where the devil lies?
When I die, will you take me up where the angels fly?
When I die, or will you meet me with a halo of flies?

You motherfuckers will respect me and stop shitting where you eat
I play nice unless you wanna take me to the street
I’m a simple dude and I speak in layman’s terms
So you dumb motherfuckers can understand the words
My whole demeanor is to pull out the nina nine milli
Act silly and crack domes like Phillies
I stay in the streets, born in the gutter
I come from nothing, looking for something motherfucker
I spit hard, it resembles my life
It reminds me of how I left my kids and my ex-wife
While I was roaming the streets holding the heat
With no sleep, no cheese, know what I need
Probably God so I went and saw my priest
He told me to come back and died the next week
Please Lord help me to reap what I sow
Just give me the word, God cause I’m ready to go..

My whole life has been non fiction and I live in a house of pain
Stuck in a cage, you’re not listening
When will I ever achieve the goals set by those
That expect to live off of my flows?

Dear Lord, I can’t explain all the things that I do
Just know that every single word in this song is true
It’s about time I step up and be a fucking man
I got lost along the way and didn’t follow the plan
Please take me as I am, I stood on my own two
And thank you for my girl, God, I know that I owe you
I been trained to murder people, kill at will
I’ve sinned, mortared soldiers in a Vietnam villa
But still you hold me close, right by your heart
And I pray that you remember me when Armageddon starts.

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  • Edmund M Blohm: Great post. I am experiencing a number of these issues at the same time..
  • Gamze: such an inspiration
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